NYC phone booths will be free WiFi Hotspots – How to connect to NYC WiFi phone booth?

%image_alt%Searching for free WiFi in NYC?  The Information Technology unit of the city just made it easier with 12,000 options.  12,000 phone booths that is.  Phone booths have been more of relics lately with the mayor removing the bulk of them as cell phones have taken over.

The NYC IT unit of New York has initiated this WiFi program to turn phone booths into more of a useful resource for New Yorkers.  250 of the phone booths with 2 phones will have digital kiosk with SmartScreens, starting in April, providing directions, city information, and other tourist help.  %image_alt%

The WiFi booths will be absolutely free.  No passwords or hidden fees.  Just connect!

Here’s how to connect to the NYC WiFi phone booth:

  1. Look for a phone booth that says WiFi or Free WiFi labelled on it.
  2. Stand within 200 feet of the WiFi-enabled phone booth.
  3. On your phone or laptop, connect to either of the wireless networks, “Free WiFi” or “NYC Free Public WiFi.”
  4. Upon launching your browser, agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. Go on the Internet, email, stream, or do anything else Internet-related.

I think it’s a great program for New Yorkers.  Think about what you can do on a WiFi setup.  You can FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad.  Use several apps to make free local and international calls.  Stream and download news updates and info fast for apps that are WiFi-focused.  It’s only a matter of time before the city decides to cash in on their pilot program and sell ads that will pop up on users’ computers.  But, you know what, if it’s free and this WiFi can cover Manhattan nicely, I’ll be very happy with this IT wireless service.

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