IT Outsourcing Company in NYC

Outsource computer service in NYC

NYC IT Outsourcing Services – Consultant Business

New York Computer Help offers hourly, short-term, long-term, and permanent Information Technology support.  We also offer unique programs, such as our “tech for a day” program to provide IT coverage for company IT staff members who are sick or on vacation.

You will be able to justify outsourcing your IT due to our affordable rates and high level of professionalism.

Our outsourced technical support includes:

How will you benefit?

  • Pay only for IT you need.

  • Let staff get back to work.

  • Get a tech specialist, not a generalist.

  • Use internal resources more efficiently.

  • Decide which IT plan works for you.

  • Reduce risk, wasted time and money.

IT Outsourcing means you pay only for what you need

Why hire a full-timer when you only need a qualified tech a few hours a week.  Whatever your need is, we’ll ensure you pay for only the work and time desired.  IT outsourcing in NYC should not be difficult or too expensive.  We’ll find the right fit for your IT goals.