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128GB Surface Pro review – Should I buy Surface Pro? – Is Surface Pro good?

Setup surface pro NYCMicrosoft top of the line Surface, the Surface Pro, sold out only after a few hours of being released.  Sounds like a page taken from the Apple support marketing book, right?  Should you believe the hype?  Or has Microsoft really undelivered with its supply?

At $899, the tablet should really add value for you, especially since it’s more than the iPad.  Oh yeah, the cover is another $120 which doubles as a nice keyboard.  Believe the hype people.  You can run Microsoft Office and older Windows programs.  It’s a tablet, but runs like a regular Windows supported computer.  Windows 8 runs flawlessly and is a much better alternative than Windows-powered Ultrabooks and the MacBook Air.  It actually boots up and shuts down faster than the Air.

Let’s make a distinction here with the Surface RT.  The Pro version is powered by an Itel chip and runs older Windows 7 programs.  The RT, the previous version, cannot.

On the negative side, the battery lasts only four hours.  It’s a bit small for running programs, but that’s what you get with a tablet.

Overall, the ability to actually run Office apps and Windows programs is a big plus and should appeal to a lot of Windows programs.  Pull the trigger and buy this tablet if you’re a die-hard Windows user.

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