Stop eye strain now on your Windows computer.

Do your eyes feel strained due to looking at the computer all day?

There is a way to soften the monitor’s glare and brightness.  You may follow the below steps to give your eyes immediate relief: 

Changing to the Classic Start Menu
1. Right click over the Start button and choose Properties.
2. Under the Start Menu tab, select the Classic Start menu option.
3. Click OK.

Changing Appearance of Windows XP to Windows Classic
1. Find an empty space on your Desktop (not on the shortcuts) and right click and choose Properties.
2. In the Display Properties window, go to the Themes tab and choose Windows Classic from the theme list.
Next, go to the Appearance tab and click the Advanced button.
3. In the Advance Appearance window, click on the text of Active Window.
Active Title Bar: Size – change to 21
Color 1 and Color 2: Choose the colors that shade your eyes, preventing glare.
Font type: Select Tahoma (it’s easy to read). Size – select 12 (if it’s still small for you, just enlarge it and vice versa). Color – choose black.

Then, click on the text of Normal.
Menu: Size – change to 21. Color 1 – choose gray.
Font type: Select Arial (it’s easy to be read too). Size – select 12. Color – choose black.

Next, click on the text of Message Text.
-Change the size of the menu to 21.
Font: Arial. Size – 12.

Finally, click on the text of Windows Text.
-Color 1: Click Other. For background color, I prefer the light yellow to shade my eyes, but choose what is best for you.  Click OK.

Once you’re done, return to the Themes tab, click the Save As button and then click the Save button.  Lastly, Click Apply and OK.

Your eyes will now encounter a softer viewing experience.  

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