Do you spend more time with your computer or significant other?

A funny but relevant question in today’s booming technology gadget craze.  A survey done by Kelton Research, a UK study group, found that Americans spend 65% more time with their computer than their spouse or significant other.  That alarming rate is due to 84% of the respondents feeling much more dependent on computers than 3 years ago.

A couple of psychologists have reviewed the study to add that as computers become more necessary for every day life, we will be developing more meaningful relationships with them similar to humans.  As the computer starts to act up and crash, an argument might soon follow.  If the computer, works well without hitches, the relationship is meant to last!

What is the take-home message here?  Just make sure your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse is spending as much time on the computer as you are!  That way, the relationship with your personal and mechanical relationships will be everlasting!

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