What is the alternative to the iPod?

Yes, the iPod is the craze and more consumers have iPods than other products.  But, is there a better product out there?  We think there is one very worth competitor.  The Archos Gmini 402 Camcorder boasts music playback, FM tuner, camera and video recording, hi-def DVD play back, and voice recording.  At the same price as an iPod, you may even record music from the radio.  The surprising advantage over the iPod is the audio quality is better and has been rated as being the best of mp3 players.  The only downside is that  it weighs an ounce more than the iPod, but the viewing, crisp image makes up for that.

The full suite of Archos products include wireless connectivity, hard drive storage up to $160GB, and full DVD compatibility.

A runner-up is the Creative Zen VisionW which is comparable to the iPod’s audio and visual quality.  It includes an FM tuner, photo, video, and voice recording.  The overall design and color choice matches the iPod.  The big difference is that the viewing screen covers the whole device so you get to view a gorgeous screen for photos and videos.

So, before you join the crowd, you may check out these worthy alternatives to the iPod.  Hey, why not get more out of your audio device?

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