Super Bowl commercials – computer focused

Many Super Bowl commercials will feature the Budweiser horses, K-Federline as a Taco Bell employee, or Jessica Simpson saying something of some sorts.  But, let’s reminisce a bit of how the computer generation used this precious Super Bowl air time to introduce new technologies in a rather risque and shocking manner.

It all started with Apple introducing its first computer and launch of its dynasty.  This commercial was very poignant in portraying a fresh look to spark up the boring environment in 1984.  It used a communistic-like environment to illustrate how one person or invention can revolutionize the way we think.  Pretty extreme!

Fast-forward to the Go Daddy ad in 2005 that mocked the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction during her Super Bowl halftime show.  This commercial was only aired once and caused Go Daddy to be a tight leash with networks in advertising their web hosting services in the future.

Now, the big prospect is HP which is touting that the PC is personal again.  It is the perfect time to advertise while Vista has just been released.  Jay-Z and the American Chopper will debut in this commercial.  Will HP have as much bite in their commercials as Apple and GoDaddy?  We’ll only be able to measure this by any cencorship or bans that are handed out.

From Apple to GoDaddy, the computer industry continues to make heads spin with its risque and entertaining Super Bowl commercials.

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