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Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac

Has anybody heard about Office 2008 for Mac amid all of the Microsoft Vista and Mac OS 10 Leopard hype?  Probably not. 

Office 2008 will be released in the second half of this year and is expected to have even better useability for navigating around screens.  This new feature is called the “Elements Gallery” which will display boxed on the top near the toolbar area rather than having multiple drop-downs.  This will be more accessble since you can already see all the new options versus clicking on a drop-down to see all of them. 

 A notable program thta takes advantage of this new view is Excel.  Excel has Ledger Sheets that the novice user may feel comfortable with.  It walks you by the hand to set up a ledger sheet among other functions.  The Documents Parts section in Word allows the easy creation of tables, headers and footers all by easy buttons to press within the Elements Gallery section.

Those who have large LCD screens or dual-head monitors will really be able to take advantage of the Elements Gallery section.  With a larger screen or any good-sized screen, you can move the Elements Gallery section to wherever you’d like on the monitor which is very similar to Adobe Photoshop or other image editing applications.

Overall, there are just little tweaks from the current Office suite.  But, with all new software, it will be wise to use this software when Leopard comes to the market so you can have the most stable and compatible system

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