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Google Talk on your Blackberry!

Is emailing back and forth on your Blackberry with your colleagues and friends not real-time enough for you?  How about instant messaging or IM’ing on your Blackberry?  That’s right.  You can type messages back and forth with someone by using Google Talk, aka G-Talk.

I’m a big G-Talk fan myself on the computer and I think having G-Talk on a Blackberry is great.  Why?  Many times, when you e-mail from a handheld device, there is a delay from when your recipient receives your e-mail.  With G-Talk, you can have a chat with someone in real-time so when you type “Hello” and hit return, they see your message instantaneously.

Can your blackberry use G-Talk?  Yes, if your device meets the below requirements:

-Blackberry 7100, 7200, 7500, 7700, and 8700 series

-Operating system for blackberry has to be version 4.0 or higher

-at least 200KB of free memory

If you meet the G-talk requirements, then what are you waiting for?!  Get a Gmail user ID if you don’t already have one and download G-talk for your blackberry.  You may download and install the software either through your Blackberry Internet browser or by connecting your Blackberry to your computer and using your computer’s Internet.

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