Parental controls for MySpace

MySpace is popular and getting larger by the moment.  One reason it is popular because it is a way for MySpace users to express themselves and meet others.  It is a great way to network and form social groups.  But, are there any controls to ensure children are safe from meeting the wrong kind of strangers?  Not yet.  But, MySpace is planning to offer a new kind of software, called Zephyr, which will detect the name, age, and location children use to represent themselves.

Zephyr, the future protection for MySpace children, will not allow parents to read messages or view profile pages.  It will just allow for specific information to be tracked such as the children’s age.  This really is not too much of a scare tactic or defense mechanism against those preying on children over the Internet.

The reason for launching Zephyr is to soothe several state attorney generals’ criticisms of MySpace not increasing the age limit to 14 – 16.  So, MySpace is avoiding such action by have this software allow parents to view want their kids are relaying to the public of MySpace.

Obviously, kids can lie about their age, but hopefully there is a deterrent effect by knowing Zephyr can show their parents they are not telling the truth.  Hopefully, Zephyr will have more controls in the future that will actually provide more info to parents, such as what info is being sent by others.  For now, this software is simply acting as a protocol to avoid being sued by putting the responsibiity on parents.

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