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How to prevent identity theft

Identity theft is on the rise with the increasing number of computers bought every year.  Theives attempt identity theft through a number of ways, including: e-mail scams, spyware, pop-ups, and webcams.  At the worst, the theif can steal your credit card information or bank online details and run up a nice tab.

Here’s how to defend yourself against identity theft:

Password protection: Set up a password to log into your computer.  This is an easy way to prevent a lot of hardship to your computer.  Try to use a unique password and change it periodically.

Anti-virus software:  It’s talked about often, but sometimes is not done.  Make sure you install and have your anti-virus software running to block any viruses or worms that attempt to access your information.

Update operating system:  Whether you are a PC or Mac user, make sure to install any operating system updates that you are prompted for.  These usually tighten up overall security for your system.

Firewall setup:  Setting up a firewall is a good way to prevent any backdoor viruses.  It filters out malicious attempts to take a ride through your computer.

Avoid free music downloads:  Free music downloads are prevalent nowadays although it is still illegal in the music industry.  In order to access free downloads, you usually are forced to share your folder of music to the public which presents a security hole that others can attack.  Try to avoid this!

Password protect your wireless network:  Wireless routers may be set up without passwords, but why invite strangers into your house?  Put a password on your wireless network to ensure others are not slowing down your connection by jumping on it or possibly looking to read your info and personal records.

Overall, just play it smart and think over what personal info you might have on your computer that could be catastophic if someone else had.  Then, follow the above steps to protect your identity and your peace of mind.

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