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What is the best webcam software for communicating between Macs and Vista?

Before Vista arrived, many different types of software were able to be used easily between Windows and Macs.  Now, since Microsoft Vista arrived, using a webcam between Vista and Mac OS Tiger is not so easy.  We have tested many different types of software, and although instant messaging was no problem, there was still the challenge of seeing my buddy through his webcam. 

What didn’t work?

-AIM:  AIM did not work.  Instant messaging worked without a hitch, but there wasn’t a feature to click on a webcam to perform a video conference.  Macs have a feature where you can log in via AIM within iChat.  This was tried with the same lack of success.  AIM came out with a recent beta to install on Windows so that it would be able to be compatible with Macs.  This was exactly what we were looking for, but the results were no better.

-iTunes:  We haven’t seen iTunes offered as a software for Windows so need we say more?!

What worked?

Yahoo IM – That’s right.  Yahoo Instant Messenger worked like a charm.  Set up my fellow webcammer in my buddy list and voila…we watched each other dance in delight!  The software worked great for our webcam communication.  The only downfall was that I realized my friend is still very fond of the “Macarena” dance.

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