Get directions, weather, sports scores, travel info in 3 seconds!

Need directions for your summer trip?  What about weather or the score of the Yankees or Mets game?  Picking up someone at the airport and want the gate and arrival status?

You can text Google from your cell phone at 466453 for practically anything! 

Here’s a full list of what you may search for:

  • local
  • weather
  • glossary
  • travel
  • sports
  • movies
  • stocks
  • directions
  • maps
  • zip codes
  • flights
  • area codes
  • airlines & airports
  • products
  • Q & A
  • web snippets
  • translation
  • currency conversion
  • calculator
  • help

How do you do it?  First, text 466453.  Then, for directions just enter the starting and ending locations (i.e. manhattan to hamptons).  For weather, simply type in “weather stamford, connecticut” or any other city.  For flight info, punch in your flight # and airline for up to the minute flight and gate status.

The info comes to your cell phone in 3 seconds.  It beats trying to figure out some technical computer support method to get info.  Typically, a computer service way, such as Mapquest or Expedia, has you enter details that may be texted or emailed to you.  Now, you can eliminate the computer request step and simply get necessary info from your cell on the fly.

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.