Easy backup for your home or office


It is easy to back up your files on your own computer.  You may back up to CDs, DVDs, or an external hard drive.  You may even go an extra step and back up your files online through an online storage company.

But, what do you do for an easy back-up solution for 2 or more people.  Whether you want to back up files for your family from multiple computers or a small computer office, there is a better solution than unplugging and plugging in one external hard drive for mutliple computers.  Also, you may share one external hard drive from one computer for all the rest of the computers, but this solution is not ideal since it slows down the hosting computer and only works when the hosting computer is on.

You should consider getting a NAS device, or Network Attached Storage device.  These devices look like an oversized external hard drive, but plug directly into your router via a network, or ethernet, cable wire.  This will allow your computers to connect to the storage device by wired or wireless connection.  These devices can range from 250GB to 2TB (2 x 1,000GB) of storage.  One computer doesn’t need to be on for it to operate and all computers may simulataneously open and back up files with ease.  Some devices may even be set up so you can access the NAS device from outside of the house by username and password security.  Further, the NAS devices usually come with the ability to set up hands-free, automated backups on a periodic basis.

The NAS device is definitely the way to go for backing up your music, pictures, and other important files.  Please note that NAS devices include hard drives that do have a lifespan to them as all computer components.  This means that eventually your NAS device will fail (app. 4 – 6 years) and that you should have your precious files duplicated elsewhere so you’re prepared if and when disaster strikes.

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