New York Computer Help presents: Wireless internet access anywhere, anytime!

You might have played around with setting up your home wireless network.  It is fun setting it up especially when it actually works afterwards.  There is nothing like being on your couch watching TV and surfing the Internet without cables.  There might be a hiccup here and there if you move your laptop too far from the wireless router, or if you move to another room that has brick wall or another type of interference in the way. 

What if you feel adventurous and want to go outside of your house with your laptop?  How do you get to the Internet wirelessly.  Well, you can jump on a hot spot, or free Internet access.  The hotspots may be found in parks, airports, cafes, or restaurants.  Starbucks on pay-as-go services will offer fee-based Internet access.

What if you don’t want to be bothered with the home setup or wondering how to get to the Internet outside your house?  You can get a wireless Internet card for your laptop.  This is not the same wireless card you used for your home or free Internet access.  This is a card where you’d pay approximately $50 – 60 / month so that you can get connected to the Internet wirelessly anytime!  It doesn’t matter where you are.  There are satellites in strategic positions so that you can get on the Internet whether you’re traveling to Idaho or Missouri.  There are typically two types of cards: Nationwide for US wireless access and Global for wireless access outside the country.  If you have Global, that means it may only be used outside the US and not within.  The same goes for the Nationwide card.  Some providers offer one card for both access, but you have ask about this.

How do you get a card?  The best way is to order one through one of the following phone providers: 

It is wise to go through a current phone provider so you keep the billing simple and you might get a deal by adding an additional account.  You may go to the store or call up.  It is recommended to call up since they’ll have to register your card with a phone number, and sometimes the local store doesn’t coordinate well with the main office which means delays for you. 

Once you get the card, you’ll need to install the software that comes with the card.  It will walk you through the appropriate steps.  Then, you’ll be on the Internet anywhere, anytime!

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