NYC Computer Support: How to block spam?

Spam is an annoyance.  It is basically an intrusion of your privacy and wastes your time in trying to get to legitimate e-mails.  How does spam find you?  If you provide your e-mail address online, you’re bound to be e-mailed back and possibly, spammed in the future.  Most sites offering free downloads will find a way to spam you.  Also, if your computer contains spyware or pop-ups, there is a good chance spam will follow.

How can you block spam?  You may follow the below three easy steps:

  1. Do not provide your e-mail address on websites.  Not only may these sites spam you, but they may distribute your e-mail address to other sites for spamming.
  2. Use your junk filters.  E-mail software, such as Outlook and Outlook Express have junk filters that may be turned on to filter spam.  Online e-mails, such as Yahoo!, AOL, and Earthlink also have spam filters that should be used.
  3. Install spam software.  If your spam is excessive, install a spam software, such as Cloudmark, may integrate easily with your Outlook or Outlook Express to block unwanted e-mails.

If you block spam, it is key to check your junk folder every once in a while.  Sometimes, spam filters or a little aggressive or may block sales/marketing info that you may want to view.

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