New York Computer Help Presents: Finding one power cord for all your computer devices

Right now, you probably have a power cord for your cell phone, laptop, and possibly iPod.  You might have more cords for your camera, camcorder, and portable DVD player.  So, the big question is: “Will there ever be a universal power cord?”

A universal power cord for your computer equipment will allow you to bring your gadgets with you on a trip and not worry about lugging 5-6 different cords.  Or not worry about your battery power running out on your cell, blackberry, treo, or iPhone.  That would be nice if all these cords could be consolidated to make life easier.

Will it happen?  Not anytime soon.  The manufacturers are currently enjoying the fruits or proprietary power cords and ac adapters.  Any time somebody buys a specific cell phone, there is usually only one type of charger that comes with it.  If you lose your cord, guess where you have to go back to?  That’s right – right back to your manufacturer to buy another one!  So, these manufacturers are not looking to create any generic adapter soon.

How can you cope with this?  Well, there are different generic AC adapters for laptops, cell phones, and handhelds.  You may search around on the Internet for your specific model and will receive a few different generic choices.

However, you may go a step further to see if there is one power device that you can use for all of your computer devices.  Targus allows you to see if you can find one power charger that will be compatible with all of your gadgets.  There might be a way for you to buy one power adapter that includes the right tips for all of your toys.  Just go to their power configurator website page to see how you can end the clutter.

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