2 Thumbs up from New York Computer Help for the new all-in-one mac

The new 20″ and 24″ all-in-one macs have taken the computer world by storm.  PC buyers are considering really to make the “switch” and mac users and heavily swayed towards upgrading their apple computer.  Is the hype validated?

Yes, we think it is worth it.  The new mac is even more aesthetically pleasing, without even turning it on.  The all-in-one mac features a new black and white front plastic as well as a glass finish for the screen.  It’s thinner and provides easier viewing from side angles.  The contrast in colors on the 24″ leaves rich and easy viewing.  Of course, the 24″ screen should be placed at least 1 foot away from your eyes or this could result in “mac-reality induced depression.”  Yes, that word was just created!  We feel that if you get to close to the light, you might never want to come back to reality.

The newest and biggest craze over these new macs is the bluetooth keyboard.  The keyboard blends in with the design as a white minimalist look.  It is very comfortable to type on and it includes 2 high-speed USB ports for connecting peripherals, such as an external hard drive, blackberry, or treo.  The mouse also is bluetooth and does not take up much space.  Those with large fingers might not be so appreciative of the sleek keyboard and mouse input devices.

Inside the hood is faster, glossier, and more powerful.  The same applications as all the macs, but the driving is faster since the new macs come with dual core processors and up to 4GB RAM.  Enjoy the ride, and remember to drive responsibly. 

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