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NY Computer Help reviews: portable printers

Whether you’re a road warrior, traveler, or occasional vacationer, being able to print on the fly for pictures and important documents is a nice feature to have.  If you don’t have a printer on-hand, that means having to look for a Kinkos, Staples, or foreign print shop to have someone else print out your files.  Not being prepared for printing could be a frustrating experience.

Below are the 3 recommended portable printers:

1.  Canon Pixma iP90: At 4 lbs and half the size of a laptop, and prints 8 x 11 & 4 x 6 color prints and pics, it’s the clear winner.  A $100 battery will allow you to print without power cables or you may purchase an $80 bluetooth adapter for connectivity.  Price tag: $250

2.  HP DeskJet 450wbt:  A little bigger and heavier than the Canon, this printer is already equipped with bluetooth, battery-power, and infrared.  It prints out good photos, but below-average documents.  Price tag: $345

3.  Brother mPrint MW-140BT: If you need to print from a Palm or Pocket PC, this is the printer for you.  The only drawback is this printer cannot print normal documents via a computer.  Price tag: $399.95

The Canon is our choice to go with due to its versatility, quality, and affordability.

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