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NY Computer Help presents: Should you buy Windows Vista now?

Has enough time for Microsoft to get all of the kinks and gliches out of Windows Vista?  Well, not really. 

Compatibility issues continue:  Still, Microsoft hasn’t made Vista compatible to Windows XP printers.  The only way for older printers and peripherals to be compatible is for the printer manufacturers, such as HP, Lexmark, and Canon, to provide these updated drivers.  Without these updated drivers, you are forced to replace your outdated devices to be compatible with Windows Vista.

Integrating Vista into an XP network takes some hurdles.  Meshing Vista into an XP network is possible, but sometimes needs third-party software and configurations for remote access, software sharing, and printer sharing.  It’s doable and we’ve seen enough network combinations to make it work, but it takes more time to set up, compliments of Windows Vista.

Security is good, on the plus side.  Vista adds an extra layer of security so that is definitely a good factor for avoiding viruses and spyware.  Special attention needs to be put forth to this security factor when configuring the computer with routers and networks so the Vista computer may connect efficiently.

Overall, we’re still not recommending Vista as a “go” just yet.  We’re waiting for Windows to release its first Service Pack Release for Vista before officially giving our “thumbs up.”  A Service Release is when Microsoft provides a download with fixes, patches, updates, and anything else to correct current issues.

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