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New York Computer Help reviews: NBC’s analysis of hotel computer security

Recently, Matt Lauer from NBC’s morning show has been very keen on reviewing computer security.  He has spotlighted credit card fraud, hackers, and now hotel computer security.  All topics are very important to note and at the least, pay some attention to for your protection.  However, are we getting to paranoid about computer security?

Earlier this week, Matt Lauer interviewed a security expert who said to “clean your tracks” after using a hotel computer.  Many hotels provide work center computers for guests and although very accessible, they also leave you very vulnerable, as suggested by the security expert.  He went on to explain how to clean your cookies, temporary internet files, and recycle bin.  The security analyst also warned not to make online credit card transactions because the next computer user just might look to steal your identity, or credit card number.

We agree wholeheartedly with this analysis, but we question why NBC is staging such dramatic warnings and security precautions.  There was actually a whole 5-part series showing these credit card predators and their on-the-run lifestyles.  We understand the ramifications and consequences of security risks on the Internet, but do we really need to be hit over the head with it?!

Our recommendation is to use good common sense.  If you’re going to a hotel, don’t go on your banking website and don’t make online purchases.  Plain and simple.  If you make online purchases at home, make sure your anti-virus and anti-spyware software is updated and running.  We don’t mean to trivialize computer security and its effects, but by using good common sense instead of scare tactics by NBC, our computing lives may go on in an orderly fashion.

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