NY Computer Help reviews: How is the iPhone now?

After the initial craze of the iPhone, New York Computer Help has reviewed some of our tests with the iPhone.  A few of our technicians used the iPhone for a full month as their main handheld device.  They have paid specific attention to how the iPhone faired for the phone, e-mails, and Internet.  Here is how they summed up their results:

Internet use:  Amazing!  No handheld, such as the Blackberry or Treo, comes close.  The Internet on the iPhone is the real deal – no emulator or pseudo-Internet browser.  No problems with online banking, stock quotes, graphics, and instant messaging.  A real joy!

E-mails: For Exchange-based systems or POP3 (i.e. gmail, hotmail, MSN, etc)., no problems at all accessing e-mails and folders.  Lotus presents and issue but you may view the webmail portion of it although it doesn’t show folders.  The other big issue is sometimes you cannot change the layout of the phone for html or graphic-intensive messages.  That means that some newsletters only show up in portrait view instead of landscape view which is tough on the eyes.

Phone:  The phone was no better or worse than other cell phones.  The quality was good, but suffered in non-reception zones like with all phone providers.  The cool part was the visual voice mail part – the iPhone gives you a list of numbers that you may call back, delete, return, listen to and in any order.  This makes it easy to get back to messages.

Of course, the iPod is great, but that’s what you’re paying the extra cost for.  The camera was okay, but definitely not able to replace a regular digital camera.

Overall, the iPhone is worth getting if you use the Internet intensively, listen to music, and do occasional e-mailing.

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