New York Computer Help tips for holiday bulk e-mails

Holiday time is around the corner, and you might want to send a group e-mail to clients or family and friends to wish them a happy holiday season.  You can simply just type your e-mail, add your numerous recipients, and then click send.  However, there are four things to watch out for to ensure your e-mail goes out smoothly.

  1. BCC your recipients – This will anonymize your recipients so their e-mail addresses are kept confidential and you will remain discreet with your mailing.
  2. Copy/paste from word if long – If your e-mail is long, some recipients might not see the same formatting as you’ve creating, leaving a cluttered view.  If your e-mail is long, it is good practice to write it first in a word document, and then paste it to your e-mail to retain the formatting settings you’ve created.
  3. Use external bulk e-mail provider if many recipients – Some Internet or e-mail providers have a limit to how many e-mails you may send in one e-mail as well as daily.  Verizon, for instance, limits 250 – 500 per email depending on the plan.  If you go over the email allowance, you might be targeted as a spammer and, in turn, blacklisted.  Blacklisted means you won’t be able to send to certain recipients again. So, if your e-mail list is around 250+, check into your Internet provider (if you use an internal company e-mail system i.e Microsoft Exchange) or e-mail provider (i.e. Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, MSN, GoDaddy) to ensure you are not going over your e-mail capacity per email or day.  If you are going over this limit, you may choose to have a bulk e-mail service via the Internet send your e-mails through their mail server to avoid any e-mail restrictions.
  4. Test your holiday e-mail first.  It is recommended to send a test e-mail to another one of your e-mail addresses or to a friend to analyze your e-mail first before sending to a list of people.  How you create it is not always how it looks on the other side.

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