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New York Computer Help recommends: copy (don’t move) files to Leopard

The first bug found with Leopard is possibly losing data if you “move” files rather than “copy” them over to Leopard.  Well, this is not really a bug as much as it is a possibility of losing files.  It has been found that if you are moving files from your current Mac or PC, you have a possibility of losing all or some of your files on the transfer.  Leopard doesn’t verify that files are fully copied over when performing a “move” transfer.  Windows, in contrast, verifies that the files is intact and transferred over 100% when performing a move so this process is safer.  However, Leopard only verifies the initial header or first instance of the files when performing a “move.”  This could and already has left room for error for some users. 

Data loss is possible when moving files rather than copying from a PC or Mac to Leopard because Leopard doesn’t wait for the files to fully finish transferring before it verifies and makes a copy of it.  Thus, you should perform a “copy,” not “move” when transferring your files to Leopard.  It is good practice anyway to perform a “copy” as this is safer because if your transfer doesn’t work, you can perform it again since the source files are still available.  With a “move,” your source files are moved and if disaster strikes, you have no going back.

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