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New York Computer Help analyzes: Popular ways to view movies

There are many ways to watch movies nowadays.  Obviously, the traditional way is to go to the movie theatre when the film comes out.  However, our culture of more convenience when you want it how provided other options.  Others might claim our culture is getting lazier, but we like to think of it as more selective consumerism allowing such convenience.

Netflix has been the market leader of movies where you can order movies online to be delivered to your door.  Don’t take a step out of your door – let Netflix deliver to you. 

On Demand Cable is one of NetFlix’s competitors since all you have to do is click a movie on your TV Cable and you begin watching your movie.  No exchanging or returning the movie for another one like NetFlix.  Once you’re done watching, you’re done. 

So, what is the big option out now for watching movies.  You can go online to watch movies which is similar to On Demand if your hard drive is big enough and your monitor screen is wide enough to make it enjoyable.  Some good movie sites are: My Video Lib, Movie Flix, Vongo, and Flix Dump.   

As Blockbuster is being pushed out of the movie market, you might want to think of upgrading your computer’s specifications to handle the new trend of downloading movies online.  This is one of the most convenient ways to view movies and if you are a big movie buff, you should be prepared.

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