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New York Computer Help introduces the first dance website: DanceJam

Websites have been allowing all walks of life from all parts of the world meet up on the Internet.  Commonalities have been similar personalities, cultures, hobbies, and sports.  Now, there is another type of mutuality that can bring people together:  DanceJam.  MC Hammer, the ultimate dance machine, has joined up with others to create a dance site.  This site is geared towards hip hop and is like uTube, but goes a step further to teach dance, provide constant videos of celebrities and commoners showing off their favorite moves.  When you log in, your favorite dance move is flaunted to your buddies.

DanceJam also allows people to join up to compete against others in genres of dance.  So, it will become an online reality show for dancers, similar to dancing with the stars but the online version.  This is way for the site to differentiate itself with uTube and Facebook, however, MC Hammer plans to showcase the best dancers on uTube for more exposure.

The site is currently in beta mode and by invite only.  You may sign up now to attain a pre-release code to get an early dance on the competition.   If you do decide to dance, we recommend backing up your files first since you should be prepared if your left foot trips into your computer.

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