Computer Repair steps for the bold computer user

What do you do if your computer crashes, doesn’t boot, or is just plain slow?  Well, typically it is good judgement to bring it to a computer repair shop like New York Computer Help, but can you do anything on your own before you bring it to the experts?

Yes, you can follow the below 3 computer support steps to troubleshoot your computer issue:

  1. Jot down any error messages.  Do they say what is wrong?  If they are written cryptically or doesn’t point you in the right direction, you can perform a search on the Internet for your error.  Maybe someone else has input on your error message in a forum.
  2. Unplug any unnecessary equipment.  Remove any old scanners, USB hubs, or things you don’t need to get your computer up and running.  All you should have connected are your monitor cable, keyboard, and mouse.  With less clutter and possibly removing bad cables and devices, your computer might work fine again.
  3. Listen for any sounds.  Clicking could mean a bad hard drive and you’ll want to power off to prevent any further damage or data loss.  Grinding or whistling might mean a bad fan and crackling could mean a bad motherboard.  Listening of strange sounds could point you quickly in the right direction.

Taking the above quick steps could help fix your computer.  If this doesn’t help, it will at least help you identify the issue.  Then, you can intelligently ask your favorite computer repair service for an estimate of your diagnosis.

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