New York Computer Help reviews: BitTorrent, the site for free downloads

BitTorrent is a file sharing, peer-to-peer (P2P), website similar to Kazaa, Limewire, and Bearshare.  This site shares music, movies, TV shows, pictures, and video games.  Basically, anything you’d like to download is offered on BitTorrent.  Currently, all of the files are free.  The same folks who download files are usually those who also share the content for others thereby giving the site its peer-to-peer identification.  Many computer users are tapping into BitTorrent, in fact, the BitTorrent CTO, Eric Klinker, estimates that the site takes up more than half of the Internet traffic.

You can sign up to BitTorrent by logging in, downloading a BitTorrent client, and away you go.  You can share and download files.  Just about anything is available.  Old Superman movies, new movies that have been bootlegged from the theatres, new music DVDs, sometimes screenplays, and more.  The concern here is twofold: ethics and security.  The moral point here is by downloading free content, the folks who authored and created these works are being cheated.  Well, most people feel that if so many people are doing it, it must be okay.  That is implied as true because the Internet is still governed as a laissez-fare approach, expecting computer users to treat those as they would expect to be treated.  Does the golden rule work?  Not with the greed factor here! 

Is there anything to stop greedy computer users from downloading smurfloads of free files from BitTorrent?  Yes, spyware!  With free downloads, come spyware and possibly viruses.  Why?  Because when you start sharing and downloading files, your computer is an open portal to the website.  So, others may share files to you that contain malicious code or just merely look to infect your computer by finding you via the BitTorrent network.  Our advice is if you really want to be involved in the BitTorrent downloading, make sure your computer is heavily protected with anti-spyware and anti-virus software.  And make a good back up of your files before taking the leap.

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