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New York Computer Help reviews the new Computer Pen

If you thought laptops were getting smaller, you will have to sit down when you see the new computer pen!  That’s right – it is a computer located in a pen which is the size of a cigar.  This pen is geared towards young students, but may also be used by adults and gadget-lovers.  The pen is called the Fly Fusion Pentop

The Pentop has a camera, speaker, and memory chip so it can display on a computer what your wrote down on paper.  It can even convert your chickenscratch script into text on the computer.  The memory chip may also give you an answer to any math equation you write down on the paper.  Obviously, this feature should be used in practice only so this would be automatic grounds for detension during a test! 🙂  The pen can also translate written words into foreign languages.  I’m not sure how extensive the pen’s vocabulary is, but if this feature works well, we can see a lot of people snatching these handy pens.  This translation feature would be very useful when traveling or just learning a new language.  The pen also plays games and music.

Different software may be purchased to extend the brain of the pen.  For instance, the Pentop may assist in writing techniques, Journals, Algebra, Multiplication, Music, French, Spanish, and adventure games for logic sharpening.  Of course, computer software may be purchased that serves the same purpose; however, this trendy pen may act as a different, cool way to keep children’s short attention spans tuned in for learning.

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