How to search the Internet safely – a secure tip by New York Computer Help

It is very easy to hop on a computer and go on the Internet.  But, should you check for some things first before going to your favorite site?  Yes.  You should ensure the following  3 steps are taken before surfing the Internet:

  1. Make sure your Internet browser is updated to the newest version.  This will shore up security and resolve any vulnerabilities from the last version.    Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari can be updated by downloading the latest software.
  2. Also, you should install up-to-date anti-virus software.  This will prevent long-term issues, such as slow Internet vieiwing and inability to open the Internet browser / pages. 
  3. Lastly, a good anti-spyware software should be loaded.  Anti-spyware is becoming more important than anti-virus software nowadays since many pop-up, spam, and spyware threats can really slow down or crash your computer. 

 These three checks will ensure your computer is safe to go on the Internet

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