How to set up Gtalk, MSN messenger, and AIM, and Yahoo! IM on your iPhone – a NY Computer Help secret tip

In our Iphone blog series, we are blogging about our latest findings of the iPhone.  Yes, the iPhone is the industry leader for mp3s, phone voice quality, picture resolution, and easy of navigation, but what is it missing.  It’s missing the direct ability to chat with someone on an instant messenger.  This includes Google Talk, or Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo!, and MSN.  The iPhone does not have a way to install Adobe Flash Player in it which is needed as an application to load the chat software.  Apple is in the works to get this taken care of in the near future.

Until then, what do you do?  My friends bought the iPhone for email and chatting and are disappointed.  There is a website called Meebo that allows you to use all 4 chats on your iPhone. 

Here’s how you set up Gtalk, Yahoo!, MSN, or AIM on your iPhone:

  1. Go to Meebo on your iPhone’s Internet (Safari)
  2. On the home page, you’ll find 5 accounts you can login to: Google Talk, AIM, yahoo!, msn, and meebo. 
  3. Enter your login and password for one of your accounts and your buddy list will appear and you’ll be chatting in no time.
  4. Or a special feature meebo offers is you can sign up quickly for a meebo account and enter all of your login and password info for your 1 – 4 chat accounts.  This way, you don’t have to sign in and out of different chat programs.  You’ll be able to chat in aim, Gtalk, msn, and yahoo! all at once!
  5. You can then Bookmark your meebo site so you can easily return when you feel like chatting again.

You might stick with like meebo for the long run even if Apple offers chatting ability.  I know I’m a big meebo fan due to its quick, easy interface and ability to chat in up to 4 different accounts at once.

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