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iPhone internet access is slow – iPhone blog series by New York Computer Help

In our last review or shall we say problem with the iPhone, we focus on the iPhone’s slow Internet access.  When clicking on Safari, the Internet is generally fast, but sometimes it could get very slow.  This is due to the ATT Edge network not picking up the signal.  This shortcoming has been recognized by Steve Jobs and that Apple is looking into it.

What can you do to increase the speed of your iPhone’s Internet?

  1. Make sure your iPhone is getting a strong Edge signal.  You can do this by going to Settings->Click Off on Wi-Fi->click on and off on Airplane Mode 10 times.  Then, make sure Airplane Mode is in the off position.  This will ensure the closest Edge signal is being picked up by your iPhone.
  2. Use the Wi-Fi mode if at home or at a wireless Internet location.  Go to Settings->Click On for Wi-Fi->Choose the Network you want to connect to and enter the necessary password.  This will allow your iPhone to connect to the wireless network at the same speed as other computers.

You have the ability to connect the iPhone to a laptop and use the Internet speed from the laptop.  But, this is not an easy setup and if you are near your laptop, there is really no need to use your iPhone to access the Internet.

If you are still having issues with slow Internet connectivity off your iPhone, you should call in ATT to ensure your phone is properly activated. 

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