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Dell’s first tablet laptop: Latitude XT – NY Computer Help reviews if this can compete with Lenovo and HP

Dell’s Latitude XT has just reached the market.  Dell hopes to compete with Lenovo and HP in the tablet laptop market.  For those unfamiliar with the tablets, it is a touch screen laptop that you can use your finger or a laptop pen to draw, sketch, and navigate.  It allows you to write notes and convert them to Microsoft Word. 

Dell has taken over a year on experimenting the best way to design this tablet.  They’ve come up with 2 types: One has an outdoor screen which is heavier and made for those in the field.  The other has a thin LED backlight and is very light at 3.57 lbs.  The lighter, business model is thinner and easy to carry.  HP and Lenovo offers a standard plastic pen to navigate on the screen while Dell offers a ballpoint-tip pen and a felt-tip pen.  This choice can help make the computer user comfortable based on his or her preference.  The keyboard is flat and glossy, enabling it to be sturdy for wear and tear.  The power adapter is finally small and light, making it ultraportable.  The tablet can change to landscape quickly as other tablets.  It has a 12.1″ screen, 40GB or 80GB hard drive, bluetooth, wireless, Core 2 Solo 1.06GHZ processor, and 1 – 3GB RAM.

Overall, the $2,499 Dell, a partner with New York Computer Help, is now a competitor in the tablet market for its small size, light weight, and comfortable touch.

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