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Recycling Computer Support Tips

Did you receive your new computer yet for the holidays?  Or a new phone?  As an environmental-conscious company, we want to ensure you know what to get rid of your old equipment the right way.  Here’s what you can do:

Donate: Others may use your old computers, parts, electronics, and gadgets.  Make sure you erase any personal or confidential information prior to donating.  You might seek the help of a computer support company for this purpose.  You may click on this Donation Programs link for a list of where you can donate your equipment.

Recycle:  If your equipment is dead or outdated to donate, you can recycle.  You can first check with the manufacturer (i.e. Dell, HP) to see if they’ll take it back as computer companies have become more recycle-aware lately.  If you bought the equipment from a retailer, such as Staples, check with them for a buy-back or collection events.  The local government or community may also host a waste management program.  Lastly, you can recycle through the online Recycling Programs.

For 2008, you might want to rethink your buying decisions on how it affects the environment.  Does your purchase allow you to take it back to the manufacturer when you want to upgrade it?  You may check out the Manufacturer and Retailer Programs list to see which computer and equipment manufacturers offer the “take back” program.  You may also consider how your equipment purchase affects the environment by checking out the EPA tool.

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