What makes Apple computers special?

Apple is really starting to reap the benefits of its products lines now.  But, it hasn’t always been so successful.  The success is now because mainly because of Apple’s heavy TV advertising.  But, it is also because of the products themselves.  Apple’s all-in-one Mac is perfect for today’s convenient, sleek, compartmentalized culture.  Today, consumers are looking for one piece of equipment that does it all.  The all-in-one Mac allows computer users to work on their computers with a beautiful monitor and also feel as if they are in front of an entertainment system with the fashion-forward, stark imagery.  We also feel that the macs would not be where they are now if the iPods haven’t differentiated them away from PCs

Windows, especially Dell computers, have been the front runner for a while since Macs just simply did not differentiate.  Having the Mac operating system was not good enough to sway consumers in making the switch.  The iPod; however, is the reason many have made the switch.  Knowing that the iPod works seamlessly with Macs, and that Apple is the same solid manufacturer of both products is one of the strongest reasons why consumers have been compelled to buy Macs.  The more products that Apple puts out, such as new iPods and the new iPhone, the stronger consumers will feel to buy Macs.  These new Apple products are what further differentiates Apple and its computers, and what allows consumers to see why the Apple brand is so special.

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