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A good USB flash drive for file backup

Computer hard drives are getting much larger nowadays and the current challenge is being able to back up all of your important files.  For those of you who are road warriors or on the run all the time, it is not convenient to carry large external hard drives.  So, the more portable way is to carry a sizeable USB flash drive, a.k.a jump drive, a.k.a thumb drive, and a.k.a small gizmo.  

The typical flash drives go up to 2GB, but now there is a new 8GB flash drive that is still small.  Many flash drives that get to 4GB, 6GB, or 8GB, or more start beefing up in size, but Lexar now makes a nice, portable, sleek 8GB USB flash drive that can still fit in your pocket.   Lexar makes 2 8GB models:

  1. Secure II Plus – This $159.99 model contains a meter to show how much storage you’ve used.  There is even some security to block possible thieves from accessing your files.
  2. Firefly – A shorter and stubbier model, at $149.99, comes in black, white, and gray.

These USB drives are the first found that are still mobile and large enough to hold your important files.

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