The Norton Anti-virus downfall

Symantec’s Norton Anti-virus software is a solid security product.  However, based on the past few years, our technicians have noticed that installing Norton software has really slowed down computers when the below factors are present:

  1. Computer already has a virus or spyware
  2. PC doesn’t have a good amount of RAM
  3. AOL Software is constantly running in the background

Norton has shown to slow down a Windows computer when installing the software after the above 3 factors are present.  The best time to install Norton is when you first get your new computer or ensuring all viruses, spyware, and adware are removed.  This applies to the Norton Anti-virus and Internet security suites. 

Why is the computer slowed down from these situations?  Norton is a very thorough product to the point where it is always running in the background, constantly running checks on files, and adds a layer of protection which drains the system resources.  Couple that with a current virus, slow RAM, or another background software (i.e. AOL, iTunes) and you should kick your feet up and prepare for a slow ride.

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