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What does standby mode mean for your computer?

Standby mode on your computer allows you to close your computer while still saving your settings.  So, if you are working within Outlook, Word, and have a few Internet pages open, you can close your laptop lid or select standby mode on your desktop.  Then, your computer will go into a sleep-like mode so that it essentially uses minimal power.  Finally, when you open your laptop lid or move your mouse on your desktop, your computer will revert to your previous settings.

This is a good way to conserve your computer’s power, and allows you quicker access to your last session.  Further, this can help those with short-term memories to not worry about what they were last doing on their computers.  Please note that computers sometimes freeze during this mode if there are viruses, spyware, or problematic software applications.  Such computer issues could prevent your computer from getting out of standby mode since it is attempting to access your computer processing.  If you notice issues with standby mode, you can contact New York Computer Help for technical support.

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