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Microsoft’s IPTV: will it give cable TV a run for its money?

IPTV is an alternate way to receive cable channels. It uses the Internet as its method, like voice over IP, to distribute TV channels. This is a very new way to watch TV versus the traditional TimeWarner cable, RCN, or satellite services. You can watch TV from your computer with this method. Bill Gates was happy to relay at his annual conference that 1 million commercial customers are now enjoying Microsoft’s IPTV, or Internet TV.

This technology has been out for a little over a decade, and is now gaining steam with bundled Internet services, such as phone, TV, and Internet service. As the Internet becomes more important in our lives, IPTV will have more of an impact. Further, traditional cable TV is struggling to have all channels in high-definition format while IPTV is equipped to handle the demands of high definition content. Also, IPTV will allow for sharing files, music, and pictures to your computer. So, this technology will start to have more of a need for those home users who are entertainment and file-share driven.

Of course, in order for the IPTV to also be successful, the Internet must be stable. If the Internet is down, the TV would go down too. So, people buying this technology should ensure their Internet is first reliable.

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