Need a replacement Verizon modem fast?

What do you do if your Verizon DSL modem is not working?  

Obviously, you need a replacement fast since your home or office is not Internet operational.  But, what is the fastest way you can get one?  If it is during the week, it is worth a shot to call up Verizon and see if your current modem is under warranty for a replacement.  They can overnight one to you if you get a reasonable rep and if you do some begging.  Typically, they’ll send one out in a few days but you could get lucky. 

If your modem is down during the weekend, you’ll need to be a little bit more creative.  Your options are either going onto eBay and hoping someone is selling a new modem or you can hop into BestBuy since they carry a supply of modems as well.  You need to get a Verizon-specific and supported brand, including the following:

  • Actiontec Gateway 929 gt7 modem – Combo modem/router/switch found in Best Buy stores
  • Westell 2200 – no configuration necessary with a router 
  • Westell 6100 – need to configure in bridge mode
  • Westell 6110 – no configuration necessary with a router — touted as the best
  • Westell Wirespeed – no config necessary with a router

The Best Buy stores will carry the Actiontec modems while the Westells may be bought on eBay or by getting lucky through another third-party site that carries them.  Otherwise, your only other way is to buy them through a Westell distributor during the week or Verizon itself.  Verizon mentions that select Verizon wireless stores may offer the Westell modems, but that is not the case in New York City. 

Keep in mind that the all-in-one modem/switch/wireless routers, such as Actiontec, are good products, but you will need to configure them accordingly, and might need a technical support company, like New York Computer Help, for further assistance.

If you notice that your Internet connection is intermittent, and you’ve already replaced your router, you should really replace your modem before you’re totally down.

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