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How do you repair an overheating laptop?

An overheating laptop can be a tricky thing to fix.  If you’re laptop gets burning hot or turns off by itself while in the middle of a document, chances are your laptop is overheating.  Why does it shut itself off?  The computer’s processor has a sensor that detects the motherboard is getting too hot for its own good, and shuts off the computer to prevent any further damage.  You might also receive a message the next time you turn your computer on that warns you of exceeding the threshold temperature.  You might also get a fan error which is a clue that your laptop is running too hot.

What do you do? 

Here are the top 5 fixes for overheating laptops, ranging from conservative to aggressive repairs:

  1. Blow from the outside: Spray compressed air via the ventilation and fan holes of the laptop.  This will push out dust and debris to increase better ventilation and air flow.
  2. Install a cooling plate:  Buy a generic cooling plate which has its own fans, and place it underneath the laptop for a low-cost, quick fix.
  3. Internal blow and processor cooling:  Open up the laptop and spray all dirt and debris away.  Also, applying thermal paste on the processor can cool the heat sensor so the laptop doesn’t turn off.
  4. Replace the fan:  If the fan is not working or if its contacts are wearing thin, replace it.  It can help better circulate hot air through the vents.
  5. Replace the motherboard:  Anytime your laptop starts overheating, the motherboard takes its toll by having its surface and contacts thinned out.  Although trying the above 3 options will help, it still might help a badly, overheated motherboard.  Replace the motherboard and fan to have a sure fix. 

It is wise to take quick action if there are signs your laptop is overheating.  The more time you wait, the more aggressive your fix might have to be.   If you have to open up your laptop, you might need to seek a certified laptop professional if you are not comfortable with this computer repair.

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