Beware of the Hilary Clinton virus

With the Democratic race neck-and-neck between Obama and Clinton, the spammers have tried to sway sides.  Specifically, spammers are e-mailing a Hilary Clinton video showing her discussing the importance of the March 4th vote in Ohio.  The e-mail has a “Full video.  Download it now!” link that will really cause you trouble if you click it.  Those who clicked this link turned their computers into spam-spewing bots from the Srizbi Trojan horse.  Basically, their computers were sending spam to their contacts and other people on the network.

This is either a sad plea of desperation for the Obama camp, or just a sad ploy by a spammer in general.  Whether politically-motivated or not, this is the first time politics has played into such a malicious virus.   It is quite possible that Obama gave a lump sum of money for advertising purposes, and the advertisers deployed a spam tactic to make Clinton look bad.  Or it could have been some renegade individual performing this wrongdoing, one who sides with Obama.

Whatever the reason, just be on the look-out for this spammed e-mail.  The only way to resolve this is by having a virus removal professional or possibly even reinstalling your operating system if it gets too bad.

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