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Why is spyware not banned?

Spyware is one of the biggest nuisances out there for computers.  Why is spyware not banned?  Spyware might come as pop-ups or more popularly as intermittent messages on your computer relaying “Your computer has spyware.”  At the worst, your computer may not start after the next reboot.  At the least, your system will receive pop-ups, spam, and slow internet use.

How come this annoying spyware is not banned?  Well, the Internet is still a free realm that is unregulated.  The only time the Internet is regulated is to make sure adult sites and chat rooms are under control, and not open to under-aged adults.  Other than that, the Internet is still free game for those who solicit e-mails and advertise non-stop pop-ups. 

Petitioners have tried to get numbers of people to sign up to demand spyware to be stopped; however, lawmakers are reluctant to ban such marketing.  Why?  Probably because spyware brings in lots of advertising dollars to those who are looking to get their products out.  Someone out there is asking for his product to be advertised.  Whether directly or indirectly, the products sometimes finds its way in the wrong hands and is advertised maliciously via spyware.  When one party is benefiting and profiting, it is hard to stop such flow and where there is money involved, the government usually looks the other way.  This is just one conspirary theorist’s mind talking.

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