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Lacie’s Home Server – a great home backup system

Lacie has a new Ethernet Disk Mini – Home Edition Server that is a great solution for your home.  There are home servers now costing $2,000+ that will store files, administer permissions, and backup.  For only $210, you can do the same thing with Lacie.  It has 500GB to back up music, pics, and docs. And the Home Server looks like an external hard drive instead of a big unit.

  • What’s in the box?
  • 500GB of storage space
  • Mac/PC compatible
  • HipServ software to administer folder permissions – block the kids from your folders or provide access to everyone
  • DesktopMirror software that backs up and restores your computer files
  • Access your files from outside your house via a homelacie.com personalized website address
  • E-mail friends and family to view certain folders via a give website address.

The last feature is very cool.  How many times does a family member e-mail you a link to their pictures?  All the time I’m sure!  Now, you can provide access to a bunch of folders on your external hard drive to your buddy or parents.  Don’t worry – you can give access to just some folders for view pictures.  You can even give access to iTunes songs so you can have friends stream the music to their own computers.  This is all over the Internet.  Definitely a thumbs up on this product!

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