Next stop for technology: online doctor visits

Seeing the doctor is usually such an inconvenience, especially in NYC.  You have to schedule a time in your busy schedule, wait at least 30-40 minutes when you’re there, and then you have to run to the pharmacy after if you need a prescription.  Now, thanks to webcam technology, doctors are setting up a system to quickly diagnose patients online. 

American Well has started a system where patients can sign up to have their primary care physician online for 10 minute consultations, and prescriptions if necessary.   American Well is looking to sign on health providers in 2009 for this service.  Blue Cross Blue Shield in Hawaii has already signed on. 

How will it work?  Patients will pay their normal co-pay for a 10-minute appointment, and pay additional if they opt for extended time.  Prescriptions will be called in to the drug stores or e-mailed.  And patient paperwork will be easily transferred to other doctors with consent.  Just the ease of flow with prescriptions and getting a second opinion with a patient’s history is a step in the expeditious direction here.  Further, uninsured patients can also use this system for a fee less than $50.  This means less uninsured people will wind up in the hospital, and thus the emergency rooms will see more people faster.  In regard to fees, the health plans will pay American Well a license fee per member to use its software and also a transaction fee of $2 each time a patient sees the doctor.

This system will  be popular for retired doctors or those who are tired of running around all day.  And patients who already have a jam-packed schedule will enjoy seeing the doctor on their own time.   The last bright idea to quicken doctor’s visits was to hold quick consults at local Duane Reades.  Well, would you rather see an entry level pharmacist at Duane Reade or an experienced doctor who can prescribe medication to you quickly?  As long as your computer is optimized and working fine, your health will also be in good shape with this online doctor system.

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