How to purchase a mac server? Mac server vs. Windows server

Buying a mac server is much easier than buying a Windows server.  Well, this is not a thing.  It is because their are not many options to choose.  The Xserve, for instance, is only offered with 80GB hard drives or 1TB hard drives.  What happened to the 300GB or 500GB hard drives?  This is definitely a stark level of hard drive space options.  Keep in mind that this is when configuring the apple server through Apple directly.  Obviously, you can purchase the server and replace the hard drives with different sizes, by who needs the hassle?  On the Windows side, you can choose from many different hard drive sizes.

Also, the Xserve comes with just 3 hard drive bays whereas with Windows you can have up to 7 or 8.  So, you’re tapped out with 3TB of space on the new Xserve whereas with Windows you can created up to 8TB.  With Windows, you can set up a mirrored hard drive configuration or up to RAID 5 which allows the server to still run if a hard drive goes down.  On the Xserve, you can set up a 3-drive RAID or mirrored set for server data security.

On a positive note, with the Xserve comes all the necessary software bundled in its operating system.  It contains a file server, print server, e-mail server, and unlimited computers can connect to it.  On the Windows end, you have to choose between many different flavors – Windows Enterprise, Standard, Small Business, 32-bit or 64-bit, and more.  So, the confusion of what to choose it thrown out the window.  Of course, if you’re a server specialist, you might like having all of the operating system options available for network optimization and customization.

Overall, it is a breeze ordering an Xserve due to the limited options and the overall stability.  If you have a total mac network, the Xserve is the way to go due to keeping the platform at the same level.  But, if you have a mac and Windows network, a Windows server is the better option.

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