Looking for a recruitment firm in Israel?

Many times, we get offers to plug a local business for advertising purposes.  And 100% of the time, we say no to the money as well as the ad due to looking to keep our site clean with just tech support info and for good businesses.  However, we made an exception in the case of one Israel recruitment firm named Giyus-Isky.  Giyus-Isky, translated to “Business Recruitment” in Hebrew is truly a step ahead the others in all around recruiting for Israel roles.

Giyus-Isky, led by Yifat Bar-on, brings 15 years of experience and the biggest client network for easy, qualified placements.  Yifat is a true matermind that has an instinctual sophistication for recruitment that allows her to size up a candidate quickly, determine their strengths and quickly place them with solid companies.  Their fields include: IT, business, finance, sales, medical, legal, and more.

We are shedding light on this Israeli recruitment firm in case you are looking for a job in Israeli or are looking to be placed with an Israeli-based company in the US.  Also, if you are a company looking to find Israeli candidates, Giyus-Isky is the firm for you.  Whether in Israeli or NYC, you will find your Israeli company or candidate with this top recruiting agency.  They are only taking on a limited amount of clients and candidates at this time to keep providing top quality, so call or e-mail them quickly!

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