Why is Twitter more effective than Facebook?

Facebook is a highly used medium for social networks.  You don’t have to be a computer expert to work it and it’s great for staying in touch or networking with new folks.  How does it differ than Twitter? 

Facebook allows you share info with your friends via “The wall.”  You can log into Facebook with any Internet browser and post a message for all your buddies to check out.  With Twitter, in contrast, you don’t have to specify who can see your comments.  Instead, it is posted for public viewing and you may even text it.  So, if you are going about your normal daily routine and have something burning to share, you don’t have wait until getting back to a computer to post it.  You can text it, or SMS it, on the fly with your phone.

This texting mechanism in Twitter is a huge plus over Facebook.  It is easy to forget a thought if you have to wait until you reach a computer with a working Internet connection.  Rather than wait, you can relay your info right away by texting it.  The stream of consciousness is a way that Twitter members can really share segments of thoughts in real time.  Further, this way of sharing such thoughts makes the communication as close as talking on the phone as possible.  It almost gives the impression that you are in the same room as your Twitter friend due to the real-time thought process.

For this quick way of sharing info, Twitter is our favorite over Facebook.  Oh yeah – did we mention, that each Twit can be no more than 140 characters?  This allows you to get to the meat of the matter and not waste time. 

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