What should you do if you spill liquid on your laptop? – a NY Computer Help tip

Water spills could be disastrous.  Soda or alcohol spills are even worse since the sugar could further corrode the laptop parts. 

If you spill liquid on your laptops, here are the immediate steps you should take:

  1.  Turn off your computer immediately.  Having your computer on could short out the motherboard.
  2. Remove the battery and, if comfortable, remove the hard drive to avoid data loss.
  3. Open your screen as much as possible and place your laptop on a flat surface with the keyboard faced down.
  4. Take a hair dryer and blow, blow, and blow!  This will help dissipate the liquid.
  5. Do not even think of turning your computer on again right away.  Keep your laptop off for at least 3-4 days. 
  6. After 3-4 days, turn your laptop on and hope for the best.

At best, hopefully the keyboard trapped the liquid and the rest of your laptop is safe.  If your laptop still does not turn on, or your keyboard doesn’t work, you should visit your local New York computer repair shop for further tech assistance.

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