iTunes buys Lala: songs will be stored on the Internet for easy file transfer / backup

iTunes is glorious, but it is with flaws.  If you need to go for a mac or PC reinstall, then you have to make sure your iTunes is backed up.  Also, if you’ve customized your playlists, be sure to back those up too.  And, oh yes, your library – that should be backed up to avoid those annoying exclamation points stating you did not buy your own music.

With the purchase of Lala, iTunes can prevent this one flaw of a new computer setup.  This means that the cool factor here is that when you have a new computer to set up, or an operating system re-install, you can forgo laboring over backing up all of your gigabytes of songs and just install the iTunes program, and then just log in to your iTunes account, and voila!, your music, pictures, videos, and apps will be readily available to play!  Further, Lala was created originally to share songs with others.  Apple may take advantage of this peer-to-peer sharing function as well.

Of course, we are speculating on this new bridge of revolutionary development.  But, this would be the logical next step here in fostering the Lala partnership.  This step would allow Apple to enter the “cloud” world in allowing users to store all of their content on the Internet for an instant file backup and access from any computer.  The cloud process has become popular for sharing word docs and spreadsheets among co-workers and friends. 

This cloud process and peer-to-peer sharing may take a while to come to light due to the artist and industry licensing.  It should be fairly easy to upload songs to the Apple server for easy access, but sharing among friends on the cloud could cause potential controversy and licensing issues.  Time will tell if and when Apple will take full advantage of the Lala acquisition and in what form.  Whatever form and whenever this may take place, this theory is a revolutionary advance in the way we listen and play music, movies, games, and all media.

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